Emerging Home Trends in 2021

Spending time at home over the course of 2020 has given many of us the opportunity to finally complete our dream home wishlist and bring comfort and creativity to our living spaces. Thanks, Pinterest and HGTV! As we look toward emerging home trends for 2021, we’re taking a look at what has peaked homeowners’ interests while in quarantine.

Goodbye Open Floor Plans

The once dreamed upon open concept floor plans may not be as practical as they once were, especially when seeking a quiet space to hop on a Zoom meeting for work, or finding an area for your child to continue classes virtually and uninterrupted. As homeowners tuned into popular home renovation and design shows on HGTV over quarantine, flaws of the open floor plans design raised an eyebrow for those who are now navigating a new lifestyle with a full family at home.

We’re experiencing a shift from large gathering spaces to smaller, independent areas where we are allowed to continue with our daily activities. Is an open floor plan a design element of the past for you?

Kitchen Remodels

It’s no surprise that many of us have been forced to trade our date night out for a date night in. In fact, the result of the pandemic leaving people at home for dinner has sparked a wave of amateur chefs to emerge. Although, getting crafty in the kitchen requires practical space and storage, especially when you’ve been accustomed to dining out.

According to Realtor.com,

“Kitchen storage has emerged as the must-do home renovation of 2021. About 94% of homeowners plan or did some work on their kitchen cabinets, with 63% replacing them.”

The Year of Plants

2020 was a year where many of us revisited some basics we grew up on, like making bread or channeling our inner green thumb. Aside from the ambiance indoor plants can bring, they also serve some benefits to indoor air quality that many are seeking. Spending more time at home means that indoor air quality is of great importance to keeping your family breathing clean, quality air. Whether you opt for succulents or bamboo trees, adding greenery to indoor living spaces is making headway in 2021. Check out this article by HGTV for some easy to care for plants. Let’s face it, not all of us mastered the green thumb.

Moayyer Real Estate Group

As you continue to search the web to build your dream home wishlist, keep your trusted Grand Rapids real estate team in mind!  We can take your wishlist and lead you to the keys of your dreamhome.

At Moayyer Real Estate group, we want to help make your house a home.

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