What We Are Grateful For at Moayyer Real Estate Group

At Moayyer Real Estate Group, we have an abundance of thanks to give this Holiday Season. We’re not only cooking up good food, but we’re also serving up a whole lot of gratitude to go along with it. Much of our gratitude lies within our clients and community relationships we have built over the last 15+ years. This November, we reflect on how humbled and honored we are to be able to serve the West Michigan community in more ways than one.

Especially one of our favorites, helping families find forever homes and create lasting memories with our friends. 

Although your journey may start with us at Moayyer Real Estate, it doesn’t end there. Ensuring that you have continued success in your new home or journey is paramount to what keeps us going. We’re with you for the long haul, and happy to be there. The opportunities within the real estate business allow us to continue to do what we love most, connect with others and help them grow. When you become our clients, our relationship continues as friends and we are so grateful for you! 

Foundation Based on Relationships

Since the beginning, our business philosophy at Moayyer Real Estate Group has been focused on forming and strengthening relationships. If you know either of us personally, you know that we are strong believers in securing a solid foundation for growth. That solid foundation will crumble if it is neglected or ignored. We relate that to our client-friend relationships. We take our relationships with every single client seriously and tend to it frequently. 

Our relationships are fulfilling because of the community we work in and the amazing people in it. 

Committed to You

At Moayyer Real Estate we are committed to serving our near and far neighborhood friends for the long run. Tony and April both stay busy sharpening their skills to be able to deliver a memorable home-buying experience that strengthens relationships made.

We are elated to announce that April has been awarded as a DEFI Advocate on behalf of the Equal Opportunity & Diversity Advancement Task Force. This accreditation and training will help build our community relationship with all we cross paths with. Way to go, April!

A Humbling Trip to Istanbul, Turkey

It’s amazing what a trip outside of our normal way of life in the United States will offer your perspective.  If you follow us on Facebook (@MoayyerRealEstateGroup), you know that Tony recently traveled outside of the U.S. He had the opportunity to step into a humbling, loving, meaningful experience in which he was able to meet family members for the first time in Istanbul, Turkey. For three weeks, Tony spent time taking in the cuisine, the culture, and new friends and faces. Weeks spent doing what Tony does best, making friends and meaningful, newfound relationships. 

Safely back in the States, he is now reflecting and cherishing those memories and the humbling experience it brought him, just in time for the season of Gratitude. Check out some photos from Tony’s trip on our Page! 

What are you grateful for this season? For us, it’s everything we have right now. Everything we have been given. Everything we have been building. It wouldn’t be possible without our community. We could go on for days but for now, we will just share some highlights over the past year below. 

Leave us a comment and tell us what you are cherishing this holiday season!

Our team at Moayyer Real Estate Group is cherishing you!

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