Getting Your Yard Spring Ready

Get your yard ready to be the envy of the neighborhood with a few tips from your favorite Grand Rapids real estate duo! Let’s be honest, Spring Clean-up is hardly ever fun. Cleaning the gutters, finding the hose, breaking out the mower. Our West Michigan yards can be quite the clean-up project come Spring.

Getting Your Yard Spring Ready

As real estate agents, we know how important the curb appeal of your home is – regardless of if you are selling or not. Having a good-looking yard is simply a great, rewarding feeling. Think of when you’ve seen your neighbors out working in their yard, you probably asked yourself, How do they do that? 

While we definitely aren’t lawn care experts, as seasoned homeowners in many areas, we know a thing or two about tidying up around the exterior of our homes come Spring. As a bonus to this blog, we’ll drop a few of our favorite local landscapers in case you’d rather pass the work off to someone local! Because #wegetit. 

5 Tips to Get Your Yard Ready for Spring

Here are a couple of our tips to get you on your way to being the envy of the neighborhood this season. If you are planning to sell your Grand Rapids home in the future, save this blog post to reference when the time comes!

(1) Plant a Pop of Color

No green thumb required! Planting a pop of color doesn’t mean you need to become a master of gardening! Head to your favorite local Grand Rapids flower shop and pick up a couple of outdoor plants. Nothing crazy, focus on colors that you like. You’d be surprised at how small pops of color can transform the overall look of your home. Spruce it up with local flowers and greenery from Speyer’s Farm Market!

(2) Get Rid of Grime

West Michigan winters are harsh, we won’t argue that fact. When the salt and slush washes away, it never fails to leave a path of grime behind. If you have a power washer handy, break it out and put it to good use! Siding, doors, and windows that are stained or soiled can look pretty uninviting when guests show up for those summer barbecues. If you are an inexperienced power washer, here’s an article that explains how to pressure wash your home. 

(3) Lose the Jungle

Unfortunately in West Michigan, landscaping in the winter is impossible. So, come Spring, we’ve got fresh growth that needs taming. If you have trees or bushes around your home, give them some attention! Make sure they are under control before your home becomes a scene from The Jungle Book!

When you break out the mower for the first time this season, here’s a helpful tip. Keep the blade set at 2 ½ inches to get the best cut to keep up with! Here are some helpful lawn cutting tips from Country Living. 

(4) Mind Your Mulch

Do you have mulch beds around your home? While you are busy trimming the jungle that surrounds your home, take a look at the condition of the mulch in your flower beds. Flower beds are attractive when they’re fresh and filled with flowers, but they can get messy, fast. Take a trip to your local gardening store and pick up some fresh mulch or have it delivered! Not feeling that adventurous? At the very least make sure your flower beds surrounding your home are neat and weed-free! If you don’t get ahead of weeds, they will get ahead of you!

(5) Give Life to Your Patio

Patio season in Grand Rapids is one of our favorites. If you still have your pressure washer out, freshen up the furniture you plan to have outside with a quick power wash. Might as well do the deck while you are at it! De-clutter any items that don’t belong. 

Then, pour yourself an adult beverage and enjoy the view of your beautifully landscaped yard while all your neighbors ask, How do they do that? 


                          How did they do that? This is how we did it! Tony and I taking our shot at remodeling our yard!


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