Best Indoor Plants For Apartment Living

Have a green thumb, but not a lot of yard space? Apartment-dwellers can be gardeners, too. Indoor plants make beautiful decorations, and they offer air-purifying benefits for a smaller apartment living. It’s a win-win. 

Before you go plant crazy and buy every plant you like, consider that a typical apartment gets minimal lighting. This means you’ll need plants that can withstand that environment! 

We’ve done some research and put together a list of plants that are tough enough to survive apartment living. 

The Top 5 Indoor Plants for Apartment Dwellers

You don’t need to be an expert to bring nature indoors. Take a look at these beautiful, easy to care for plants that will thrive inside. 

Uplift With a Monstera

The Monstera Deliciosa: You have definitely seen one of these guys before! Big, bold, and beginner-friendly! The Monstera plant is fast-growing and easy to care for. Bonus, they do well in moderate light! 

Purify with a Snake Plant

Sansevieria (Snake Plant): If you are a fan of propagating plants, check out the Snake Plant! Snake plants are very tolerant plants. These plants do well in low to medium light conditions, are experts at purifying air, and come in many varieties. My mom calls this one “Mother in Law Tongue.” Ha Ha

Pot some Pothos

Add lively accents higher up in your apartment with Pothos! Warning: They do survive in a variety of light conditions, but experts report low light may reduce the leaves’ variegation (In plants, variegation means the appearance of different colored zones on leaves, stems, fruit, or flowers). 

Cacti Never Die

Succulents and cacti: If you haven’t hopped on the succulent trend yet — here’s a sign. Succulents and cacti are great low-maintenance indoor companions. Especially for those of us who don’t do well with watering schedules. 

ZZ Plant

This plant probably takes the medal for being low maintenance. ZZ plants are also known as the “Houseplant of the Future.” They are one of the lowest light plants available. Plus, they only need to be watered three times per month, and rarely attract pests.

Indoor Plants Safe for Pets

We can’t forget about our furry friends. Here are a couple of pet-friendly plant options for them!

  • Spider plants
  • Nerve plants
  • Calatheas

Keeping Insects Out of Your Indoor Plants

Since we’re bringing nature indoors, it can be expected that insects will come along for the ride. Here’s an expert tip we found from Chemistry Cachet on deterring insects from your indoor plants.

Use cinnamon! The active substance in cinnamon, cinnamaldehyde, has a strong scent, making it the perfect safe and natural bug deterrent. 

My grandma used to tell me that it’s bad luck to buy plants so what do you do? You swap! Many areas have local plant swap groups online. Here’s one for Grand Rapids. Check out your local neighborhood FB group and see who else has a green thumb and plants they need to thin out. You might get lucky and score some free plants while making a new friend! 

Let us know if it works for you! 

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