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How can we be of service?

Foundation, noun. ‘An underlying base or support.’

There are two main reasons we became realtors: we thrive on helping people and we love our home, no matter where it might be. What does ‘home’ mean to you?

To us, home is our sanctuary, our fort, our prize for hard work. There are so many in the world who have not been fortunate enough to own their own home and have that sense of security. It’s the shelter that protects us from the world, that we’ve made our own and we adorn with our own personality and style. Our home is essentially the heart that we wear on our sleeve. It’s the place that allows us to host family and friends for the good times and the difficult ones, comforting all those enter. Where we can be ourselves, to rest, relax and rejuvenate, so that we can go out and conquer tomorrow.

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Your Real Estate Partner

We want to share that feeling with you. The realtor market is just as competitive as the real estate market; you have a million choices when it comes to selecting a realtor! We pride ourselves on being the most reputable people who honor integrity, honesty and loyalty. We’re not just your agent, we are your partner, whether this is your first time or your tenth time buying or selling a home, or you’ve found an investment property with a strong ROI. We are assertive, knowledgeable and efficient, matching your sense of urgency, answering your questions and representing you as professionals and stakeholders in our community.

Built to Last

Built on Relationships

Our relationships are everything, which means that your experience with us is most important. Our goal is to deliver a satisfying experience, maybe roll a bit of fun in there, so that you are confident to refer your friends and family to us for their real estate needs. It all starts and ends with TRUST. You can trust us to be the foundation of your real estate needs, being an underlying and supportive structure to guide, educate and protect you through the process. We’re here to stay.

Moayyer Real Estate Group. Where your foundation begins.

Meet the Team


April Moayyer

April has over 15 years of retail and non-profit management experience plus several years as Executive Assistant to the CEO and Executive Assistant to the Mayor. Supporting, preparing and serving is the basis of her nature. She also has over 10 years in direct sales and marketing experience, sharing her passion for quality products and services. Detailed, innovative and persistent, she’s focused on making her client’s desires a realty through accurate research and knowledge of the local market. She is the ‘strategy and planning’ operator in our organization.


Tony Moayyer

Tony has over 20 years of management and leadership experience in the beverage industry and has been consistently recognized for attaining and surpassing sales goals. He takes his clients as partners and shifts his point of view to their perspective to better understand their experience. He is relentless in his pursuit of excellence, focused on personal growth and education. He has the heart and mind of an entrepreneur, is self-motivated and is the ‘big picture’ planner in our organization.


Ruby Tuesday

My name is Ruby Tuesday, aka “The Boss,” and silent partner at Moayyer Real Estate Group. Mom & Dad adopted me from a shelter in Las Vegas in 2013. We lived in Vegas for a few years, but it was too hot, so we moved to Idaho. It was pretty out there but didn’t feel like home, so I called a family meeting and said we need to move back to Michigan. We needed to be closer to Grandma and Grandpa because they always feed me.

When I’m not flipping doghouses, I like watching the “Dog Whisperer” (but I’d never fall for his charm), sleeping in the sun and foraging for snacks on the floor.

If you have any bacon you don’t want, please drop it off to me.


Our Relocation

We have lived in Ohio, South Carolina, Idaho, Las Vegas and recently came back home to Grand Rapids to build memories with family and friends. We’re certainly not strangers to the organized chaos of moving and have extensive networks in all of those locations.

Together, we balance each other, which makes for a stronger team and more satisfying experience for our clients. We have built a reputation as leaders of integrity, honesty and loyalty, willing to walk the extra mile to get the job done and show people how much they mean to us. We both have a servant’s heart, intrinsically motivated to provide solutions that make our clients happy.

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