Financially Fit Credit Workshops (Series of 3)-FREE

Financially Fit Credit Workshop–Join us!

Have you ever pulled your credit report? Do you know how to do it for free? What else don’t you know about credit?

What do you need to apply for a mortgage? How do you stop living paycheck to paycheck? Have you even thought about your financial future?

Join us for a series of three workshops, FREE, to learn about credit, why it’s important, how to pull your credit report, how to dispute inaccuracies, what it takes to qualify for a home loan, budgeting and how to plan for your financial future.

Lunch will be provided. Limited to 30 participants. Dates of workshops: May 4, May 11 and May 18. You need to commit to attending all three and there will be homework to complete. Registration before the event is required.

*Must be over the age of 18 to attend.