Hooray! You’re moving…Now what?! (Part 2)

Continued from last week…

Packing tape is just as important! I like Target brand packing tape with the dispenser and a 3 pack of tape. Nothing is more frustrating then being in a packing groove and running out of tape. Bubble tape and newspaper is useful to pack fragile and delicate items. We’ve also used extra towels for additional padding on bigger items and wrapped artwork in extra blankets then covered with trash bags to protect all contents. For transporting your cardboard boxes, breaking them down by cutting along the flaps eases moving them but then you do need to tape them back up. You’ll have to choose your own battle. When taping the bottom of boxes, I tape along the flaps and then again the opposite way, creating a “t” with the tape for maximum strength. Shrink wrap is excellent for protecting furniture. You might have to buy from a moving company or check online.

As I mentioned earlier, I start packing the things we use the least or whatever is out of season. Extra bedrooms, bathroom, closets and under the bed are ideal places to start. You want to have a place to stack your boxes once packed. If you have a garage, that would make it easier and more efficient to store them there. That will save you time if you’re moving yourself and money if you’ve hired professional movers. A dolly or hand jack will also save you time and energy. When stacking boxes, I try to keep boxes that will go in the same room together.

An idea for easier sorting is to use colored sticky paper to designate different rooms. I throw a piece of packing tape over the paper for extra security. Yellow=kitchen, hot pink=bathroom, blue=bedroom. You get the idea.

We load the truck with bigger pieces of furniture first, couches, beds, large appliances, all wrapped in shrink wrap or furniture pads. All the while, we’re loading smaller boxes to fill any gaps.

Things that we personally move and keep in our vehicle: most important documents and files, like passports, investment statements, anything with so ill security number on it. When we were moving from Vegas to Idaho and Idaho to Grand Rapids, we packed a cooler of fruit snacks and about $90 of junk food. Hey, that’s what road trips are all about. We also had our CBO (Chief Barketing Officer) in the car so we had her cage, food, water and snacks. A few extra towels are also good to have on hand as well as wet naps for Cheetos fingers. Don’t forget the phone chargers and if you’re moving quite a distance, print out directions to your new destination or hotel, just in case your phone dies or your navigation acts up.

If you’d like help with your moving plans, we offer that kind of assistance so just drop us a line! Good luck!